Mesurer du premier au dernier clic
mesurer du premier au dernier clic

The only tool which measures your marketing sources real rentability without cookie from the first to the last click


Don't ever mind about the legal constraints dues to analytics measure

Mesurer sans donnée nominative
measure without nominative data

Measure your traffic source efficiency without any personal data*

It is not necessary to use personnal data* in order to measure marketing sources performance and remanence.

* On the Internet every data is considered as personal data. By personal data we mean here data that allows the user to be recognized.

From 1st to Last click, a complete visibility in full GDPR compliance

Don't be blind anymore on your investments performance. Stop spending money without control.

Tout mesurer du premier au dernier clic
measure everything from first to last click
Tout est conforme au RGPD
everything is GDPR compliant

By default no non anonymous data is collected on our servers

No ID, no fingerprinting, no email address nor login... and yet it is possible to know all the marketing touchpoints and the performance of the sources.

Measure 100% of your traffic without cookie and master your marketing sources real rentability.

Personal data protection is more and more restrictive.
Current web trafic analysis solution are not adapted anymore

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Without reliable data it is not possible to make the targeting of your marketing actions effective